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Social Responsibility

At Springvale House we have a strong social responsibility programme that not only aims at keeping our environment safe and clean by using recycling methods, collecting litter and planting trees, but also by supporting those less fortunate than ourselves which we do by our active involvement with the Borradaile Trust - a retirement home for the aged.   
Each week every pupil brings a grocery or cleaning item from home which is then distributed by our helpful mums to the cottage residents. Some say it is like receiving a "Christmas stocking" each week! 
The children enjoy it too and although we have been doing it for many years, the competition is still strong - of course, the monthly sweet prize helps!
“A” scheme - 75 Cottages capable of accommodating 105 residents.  30 “doubles, and 45 singles.  These are self catering units.  Cottage residents are entitled to have meals in the main dining rooms if they wish – at cost.  There are currently 98 residents, although all cottages are occupied.  Some double cottages only have one resident at the moment – for various and valid reasons

“B” scheme – “Close” and “Cloisters”.   Consists of 43 bedsit apartments, 8 of which are for couples (double), and 4 of which can be self catering flats.  Residents have their rooms serviced, and meals provided.  Currently 34 residents.

“C” scheme – Borradaile House (Frail Care)  33 bed capacity.  We will be down to 14 patients by the end of the year.  30 staff employed at present, with 2 retiring and not being replaced.  Income from B.House has been in the region of $7,000 per month,   on average $420 per patient per month on rental received.  December will be an Income of less than $6,000  Salaries and wages for B.House staff is now over $10,000 per month.  A further cost for staff meals of $3,000 per month, shows that we are losing $7,000 per month on our Frail Care unit.  Retrenchment of staff is a costly and involved process, and there is still a minimum number of staff required to maintain a 24 hour coverage.  An absolute minimum of 15 people working on any one day, and then one has to allow for days off, vacational leave, pregnancy leave, sick leave etc.

Over 90% of residents rely on support from family, friends and donations from charities.  Hyper inflation “zeroed” most investments that  anyone had.  Pensions are absolutely minimal.  A railway pension is now worth $33 per month.






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