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Director of Academic Advancement 2021

Congratulations to Mrs Michelle Scott Elliot on being appointed Director of Academic Advancement, effective September 2021. This role will serve to provide strategic direction in the pursuance of a strong and robust academic programme at the Peterhouse Group.

Given the significant shifts that have taken place in teaching spaces over the course of the last year there is, given the expansion of digital teaching, a need for the Group of Schools to re-evaluate our approach to Curriculum Development.

With this in mind, the post of Director of Academic Advancement has been created. This senior management post will offer the Group an opportunity to rigorously investigate best academic practice in an environment which is demanding greater levels of creativity and innovation.

The Director of Academic Advancement will be responsible for “providing strategic direction” in the pursuance of a strong and robust academic programme. This will include research into trends in global education, review of policies which relate to the academic endeavours of the three schools, the promotion of staff development and to seek ways in which we can extend our more talented pupils in the schools as well as ensuring that we continue to make the appropriate provisions for academic support.

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