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Gosho Park MTB Ride 2018

We had just under 100 people on bikes and the Peterhouse Equestrian centre joined us for a wonderful day in and around Gosho Park.

So lucky with a sunny day even though the tracks were wet and muddy – some rode the beautiful ’Green route’ around Gosho and those on longer rides got to see some of surrounding farming areas.

The kiddies race was all in sight of the Bushcamp – youngest two and a half – well done to the Mums and Dads who went with the kids – one had to be rescued when he ended up in the stream! and a couple of trees got in the way.

We had visiting pupils from Zambia and Falcon who added strong competition for our Peterhouse teams. The younger pupils did well along some of the rougher parts of the track.

Food and drinks done by the Gosho committee were most welcome and a good day out was had by all. Thanks to our sponsors – Duggies Butchery, Proton Bakers, BSI, Electrosales and Browns Engineering.

Mrs Penny Raynor
i/c Conservation 



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