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Peterhouse - The Digital School 2020

22 April 2020

Dear Parents and Guardians,


As we navigate new frontiers and grapple with COVID-19, lockdowns, and the era of the digital classroom, Peterhouse has used this holiday time to investigate the best ways of delivering our teaching and learning digitally. We greatly appreciate that these are difficult times and, as such, I would ask that we continue to pray for those afflicted by illness, for those who are at the coal-face of managing this crisis, for those whose decisions affect communities and countries, and for those who lead the research in finding medical solutions to the current pandemic.

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Group Newsletter 31 - Lent 2020

Dear Parents and Friends of Peterhouse,

Please follow the link to our Peterhouse Group of Schools Group Newsletter - Lent Term 2020.


It contains snippets of information from events that took place last term and major events for this term.

From the Rector's Desk - 16th April 2020

Thursday 16 April 2020

Dear Governors, Committee Members, Parents and Guardians and Staff of Peterhouse,


As the country approaches the end of the 21 days of lockdown we remain uncertain of what the next weeks will herald. Obviously, we look to the leadership of the country to navigate us, wisely, through these uncharted and difficult times. At Peterhouse it has been, in many respects an exciting week as we emerge out of the Easter weekend and start planning for the start of the “Winter Term”. Interestingly, I received a photograph, from family in KwaZulu Natal this week, of snow on the central Drakensberg! Winter is becoming an increasing reality.

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From the Rector's Desk - 9th April 2020

Thursday 9 April 2020

Dear Governors, Committee Members, Parents and Guardians and Staff of Peterhouse,


The Easter weekend is upon us and how different it will be, for so many us, to the Easter celebrations of past years. Nonetheless, and with that said, the message remains the same and in these times of uncertainty we have the opportunity to remind ourselves of the central message of Easter and the sacrifice Christ made in safeguarding our faith and humanity. On account of the national lockdown Sean Davy and his Chapel team have prepared an online service for Easter Sunday.

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From the Rector's Desk - 2nd April 2020

Thursday 2 April 2020

Dear Governors and Committee Members, Parents and Guardians and Staff of Peterhouse,


With the end of the first “working week” looming, I thought it appropriate to write to the community to update you with news from the school.

Officially, school closed on Wednesday and those of you who have been supporting our online academic programme you can now take a break. The classroom can be quite a demanding place!! In broad terms, it would appear that the school’s online teaching and learning programme have worked relatively successfully.

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We Are Currently Closed

The health, safety and well-being of our staff, pupils, parents and visitors is our utmost concern and priority during these uncertain times. Strict measures have been taken with regards to sanitization, hygiene and entry on to our estates.

Please be advised that our school offices will be closed to the public with immediate effect until Monday 4th May 2020, unless we receive a directive to the contrary.

We will be in contact with current parents directly via e-mail and the d6 Communicator.

We ask that prospective parents wishing to submit Application Forms e-mail these to us in the first instance. Our Registrars will then contact you on their return to the office.

Wishing you a quiet and safe time over the April holidays.

Nyanga Conservation Camp 2020

Fifteen Springvale House pupils had a great weekend in Nyanga – we tried to catch a trout at Conne Mara (but only landed one) and visited the trout hatchery.

The children learnt about our highest mountain in the country, Mount Nyangani, Nyanga wildflowers, had a lesson on mushrooms and made excellent spore prints.

They had the greatest fun building forts in the forest and chasing imaginary bushpigs which got eaten by fierce predators.

Our thanks to the adults who who came along to help and gave up their weekend.

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