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Statement on Discrimination 2020

As communities around the world grapple with the complexities of an emerging new order, we have, in recent weeks, been reminded of the stark reality of an older order, one in which prejudice and injustice exist. Our world was turned upside down by the outbreak of Covid 19, and many of our realities have been challenged; none more so than by recent events in the United States and the death of George Floyd.

The beauty of challenge is that it promotes introspection, and hopefully positive change. This is certainly the case at Peterhouse. As a Group of Schools we recognise the significance of this time, and of the many injustices that are playing out in communities and society.

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Emotional Well-being During Trying Times 2020

An interview with Maggie Norton.

Covid 19 has dramatically impacted the way that we live our lives. With lockdowns, quarantine, social distancing and seemingly unending online interactions, families find themselves experiencing stress and anxiety, as they struggle to adjust to the new normal. In this interview, Maggie Norton gives us valuable insights on not only how to cope, but also how to achieve and maintain emotional and mental wellbeing during these trying times.

Follow this link to our YouTube Channel for the Interview.

World Environment Day 2020 – Biodiversity

We are celebrating World Environment Day today, even our staff are wearing green!

Please follow the links below to some interesting videos we have posted on YouTube. They can also be accessed via Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Biodiversity at the Peterhouse Group of Schools 

Gosho Park Environmental Video 

Springvale House Choir – Heal the World 

Digi-School Login 2020

Springvale House and the 'DigiSchool' download the Timetable here!

Beginning of Term Messages available via the Peterhouse/Springvale House YouTube channel and Springvale House Facebook.

Rector of Peterhouse 
Head of Peterhouse Girls
Head of Springvale House

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