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Meet Andy Schultz - Transport & Workshops Manager 2021

Andy joined the Peterhouse Group in January 2021 as the Transport and Workshops Manager.

Andy began his adventurous career as a commercial diver in the North Sea. During his time on the oil rigs he also qualified as a Life Support Technician and Lead Mechanic. He was later promoted from working under water to above water, when he became Installation and Commissioning Engineer, building the rigs rather than repairing them.

He is also an experienced and passionate Strength and Conditioning Coach and CrossFit Coach. At the tender young age of 3, he cut off the sleeves of his favourite shirt because he wanted to look like the Incredible Hulk. Thankfully he has grown out of this stage, but his desire to help people improve themselves through physical fitness and strength has remained unwavering. To this end Andy also owned a Commercial Gym and CrossFit Gym whilst working offshore where he dedicated his time back home to helping others discover their own inner “Incredible Hulk.”

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Meet John Wheeler - Project and Maintenance Manager 2021

John Wheeler is the new Maintenance and Project Manager for the Peterhouse Group of Schools.

Prior to his appointment to Peterhouse, John worked for the NHS in North West London as a Technical Engineer from 2009 to 2020.John also owned an Engineering company in Kadoma for many years which specialised in agriculture, mining and transport engineering.

John received his Technical Engineering diploma from Harare Polytechnic in 1982 and prior to opening his Engineering Company, he worked for David Whitehead Textiles in both Kadoma and Chegutu.

John is married to Phyllis and they have two adult children; Michael who lives in France and Cassandra who lives in Marondera. John and Phyllis have six Grandchildren, three who live in France and three who attend Springvale House. John lives in Marondera and in between pottering in his “Granddad shed”, he is a passionate fisherman and avid supporter of both the Sharks and Wales’s national rugby side.

ATS - Playing the Claim Game 2021

February 2021

Dear ATS Parent


I have referred elsewhere to a lovely piece (originally produced as a poem) which recorded that a university professor once bemoaned about his students that, “Such rawness is a shame; Lack of preparation in the school is to blame.” The Sixth Form teacher countered, “Good heavens, what crudity! The boy’s a fool. The fault, of course, is in the Lower school.” The Secondary school teacher blamed the Primary teacher who in turn derided the ECD. The ECD teacher declared, “Such lack of training never did I see! What kind of woman must his mother be?” The mother answered, “Poor helpless child; he’s not to blame. His father’s people were all the same.” Not to be outdone, however, “Said the father, keeping in line, ‘I doubt the rascal is even mine.’”

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