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Life at Springvale House

Springvale House caters for approximately 220 children, from Grade 1 – 7, of which approximately 75% are Weekly Boarders and the rest Day Scholars.

Each grade at Springvale House has a class teacher, though as a child moves up the school, more specialised teaching is done. Grades 1 to 5 are single stream with approximately 26 children in each class. Double-streaming begins in Grade 6, with a new intake of children. A full range of academic subjects is taught; including Music, Art and Crafts, Religious Education, Physical Education, Conservation and Computers. We have a well-stocked library and other reading schemes such as Letterland, Kaleidoscope and Reading Laboratories. In our Computer Department there are 30 Dell computers.

Children are prepared for the entrance examinations to the Independent Schools. It is assumed that children at Springvale House will move on to Peterhouse, but they must Register there in Grade 5 / Grade 6 and will be required to write the Entrance Examination in Grade 7.


What’s new different and wonderful about Singapore Math.

Firstly: Singapore Math approach revolves around several key strategies: 1) Thinking about numbers, 2) Understanding place value, 3) Finding part-whole relationships in math, and 4) Breaking down or Decomposing number into friendly numbers, ones that are easier to work with the four operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division). Number such as 10, 100 and 1000 are especially friendly, so we try as often as possible to work with multiplies of these numbers.

Secondly, Singapore Math provides us with logical and often time-saving approaches to math that help us make sense out of problems that may at first seem daunting or tedious. Mental math computation is a big component of Singapore Math (memorizing number facts to be sure, but also calculating complex problems in our heads). Model drawing is an approach to working out word problems where we identify key information in the problem, draw a basic model that incorporates something called a unit bar, and label the model with information as we calculate the solution to the problem.

Thirdly Singapore Math teaches pupils understanding of subject matter in stages – beginning with the concrete (using manipulatives such as counters, number disks, place value charts, etc). then moving to the pictorial (solving problems where pictures represent numbers), and finally working in the abstract (where numbers symbolize value): Along the way, pupils learn various ways to work with numbers to help build conceptual understanding, and eventually they master the traditional methods and algorithms.
At Springvale House we offer a wide variety of cultural activities to the pupils. On a Friday afternoon we have Clubs, which includes Christian Club, Chess, Art & Craft, Computers, Conservation, Music, Needlework, Soccer, Marimbas, Wire Models, Tennis, Recorders, Orchestra and Squash. These clubs change termly, depending on the current interests of the Staff.

The National Allied Arts Competition showcases four sections; Art, Music, Dramatic Performance and Creative Writing. The school enters pupils into all these sections and has had very encouraging results.

Individual pupils are offered the opportunity to learn to play a wide range of musical instruments. Musical highlights during the year include the Eisteddfod, Harare Junior School Choir Competition, Mid-year Music Concert, Third Term Carol Concert and The Marondera Schools' Carol Concert.

Every pupil is given the opportunity to participate in a dramatic production. In the First term, The Grades 3, 4 and 5 put on a performance, with the Grades 6 and 7 doing an end of year production. Grades 1 and 2 do various interpretations of the Nativity at the end of the Third term. During the term, each class has to present a small 'skit' for Wednesday Assembly. These take the form of Biblical Stories, Poetry, Singing, Story Telling or anything else of interest they are learning about in class.
Springvale House has a proud record in all sports and has a fine tradition of participation, sportsmanship and fair play on and off the sports field. We provide physical education classes, skills coaching and team building in many sports. Every child is taught to swim.

The sports offered include:
Athletics, Cricket, Cross-Country, Hockey, Netball, Soccer, Rugby, Swimming, Tennis

On any day, the playing fields are abuzz with children eagerly involved in inter-school matches or practicing one of their scheduled afternoon sports sessions.

Our aim is to encourage participation in all sport by all our children. It is our belief that involvement outside the classroom is very important in the overall development of individuals and facilitates the growth of an improved sense of self in each participant. We also recognise that sport plays an important role in the development of both physique and character.
Extra options are on offer one afternoon a week. These are taken by specialists from outside the school. Each pupil may select one or two activities which they enjoy. Activities on offer include:
Ballet, Dancing, Golf, Guitar, Gymnastics, Hockey Skills, Horse Riding, Rowing, Swimming, Squash, Table Tennis, Tennis, Taekwando, Triathlon, Rowing.

Animal Care, Arts & Craft, Board Games, Connecting Classroom, Indoor Hockey, Modelling, Needlework, Netball, Soccer, Squash,
Springvale House is an Anglican School. Here, we meet every Friday morning at our Saint Francis Chapel for hymn practice, followed by a half hour service designed for the youngsters of a Prep school.
At the end of each service it has become traditional for us to sing our beautiful blessing:

"May God's blessing surround you each day
As you trust Him and walk in his Way
May His Spirit within guard and keep you from sin
Go in peace, go in joy, go in love - Amen."

Springvale House also has a School prayer which is said at assembly:-

"Accept and bless O Lord, this School, and use it in all things
according to Thy will. May it stand always for all that is
true. noble, lovely, and of good report. Grant that we and others
may so gain from its life that many may bless Thee for the day when
it was founded, and that its work may be extended and continued for
generations to come.
Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen."

All meals begin and end with grace and Religious Education is done by all classes during the week
A strong conservation theme runs throughout the school, resulting in each of the classes having an opportunity to spend a night to a week away from school during the course of the year. The Grade 1’s start taking advantage of the Peterhouse Group’s Educational Park “Gosho Park” and end up in their Grade 7 year at Rifa.
Rifa is a bush camp on the mighty Zambezi, where the children experience the likes of game, tree and bird walks, canoeing, target shooting, initiative tasks, game drives, visit to a crocodile farm, boiling an egg in a sulphur pool, fishing and much more. At the end of each school trip, displays and projects are housed in our Natural History Museum, the heart of the School Conservation Theme.
The academic staff consists of nine experienced class teachers and several well qualified specialist teachers. Equal numbers of male and female teachers create a balanced staff who share sports coaching in the afternoons and dorm duties in the early mornings and evenings.

The terms at Springvale House follow those laid down by the Government. School begins at 0800 and ends at 1645. Grades 1 and 2 finish at 1500 on a Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, and 1230 on other days. School lunches are available for day scholars. All children depart at 1500 on Fridays after a session of clubs in the afternoon. The school provides a bus service for Harare based boarders.
There is limited boarding accommodation and only for children whose parents live close enough to enable them to be taken home each weekend as there is no boarding facility at the weekends.
Children are put in Dormitories according to age and are looked after by resident staff.
We have our own sanatorium and trained nurse. Our laundry is contracted out. Catering is done by an outside firm ‘Servcor’ and children are served with good, wholesome filling meals
Parents must collect their children at 1500 on Fridays and return them by 0730 on Monday mornings (a bus service to Harare is provided)

Buddy System
We take great care in ensuring our Grade 1's are well looked after. On their arrival they are attached to a grade 7 (their buddy) who is responsible for showing them the ropes, from shoe cleaning, to showering, to dressing and even brushing their teeth. Done now for over 12 years, it has proved to be a highly successful system in settling the new children into the Springvale House family.
A monitor system was introduced at Springvale House in 1996 as a replacement for the traditional system of prefects. The aim is to involve all our Grade 7’s in learning to be leaders under the banner of “Servant leadership”.
As a result our Monitors do a variety of duties in different areas of the school, such as, Infants Reading, Dorm supervision, Studies, locking up etc.
By the end of their final year we will have hoped to have emphasized such values as caring, responsibility, reliability, think of others, being an example etc. Which are all part of being a good citizen and leader.


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