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Growth & Development

Building & Estates Update 2019

With the economic chaos around us it is scarcely surprising that 2019 has not been a year of conspicuous infrastructural development. Nevertheless it is good to report that the following has been achieved:

i. Springvale House library is up and running after substantial alterations towards the end of 2018 (a complete refurbishment of the existing space and the addition of a mezzanine floor)

ii. The renovation of five classrooms at Peterhouse Boys (Geography block) to the same standard as the Maths block.

iii. Peterhouse Boys gymnasium during the course of the year the old library has been completely redeveloped into a superb new gym (new equipment should arrive in early 2020)

iv. The renovation/refurbishment of several staff houses at both PHB and PHG/SVH

With the end of the PTA loan in sight (last instalment is in January 2020) Top Management together with BESTCO, FINCO and EXCO are considering various plans for the further development of the Peterhouse Group. These plans will be finalised in early 2020.

My thanks go to the Rector, Heads, Management and staff within the school, and many others, for the amount of effort put in to make all this happen.

Graeme Webb
BESTCO Chairman
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