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Our Values & Our Mission

Professionalism  Child Centred Excellence in Education
Reliability Responsibility               Effectiveness
Superior Service Team Work Christianity
Innovative Trusting     Honest
Fulfilling Potential                 

“Every child, the whole child, developed to the best they can be, in a safe and happy `country` environment”

Springvale House caters for parents who desire a closer teacher-pupil relationship for their child, and an atmosphere where each individual pupil can be recognized and developed to their full potential.

Combinations of traditional and innovative study techniques are entrenched. This approach is founded on the belief that education is an active process, rather than just an exercise of absorption. Manners, self-discipline, respect, honesty and a positive self-esteem are regarded as fundamental aspects of a pupil’s development. Such timeless values inculcate a sense of pride and a strength of purpose in each and every pupil.

Outside the classroom we have initiated a comprehensive programme of extra mural activities which, with the school's commitment to involvement in music, drama, clubs, extra options and sport, contributes to developing the whole child.

Above all, our intention is to develop a partnership between home and school, to serve best the needs of your child. With this in mind, if you would like further information or visit us and see for yourself the busy and happy atmosphere of Springvale House, please make an appointment through the school office.
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