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Singapore Math

Singapore Math

What’s new different and wonderful about Singapore Math.

Firstly: Singapore Math approach revolves around several key strategies: 1) Thinking about numbers, 2) Understanding place value, 3) Finding part-whole relationships in math, and 4) Breaking down or Decomposing number into friendly numbers, ones that are easier to work with the four operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division). Number such as 10, 100 and 1000 are especially friendly, so we try as often as possible to work with multiplies of these numbers.

Secondly, Singapore Math provides us with logical and often time-saving approaches to math that help us make sense out of problems that may at first seem daunting or tedious. Mental math computation is a big component of Singapore Math (memorizing number facts to be sure, but also calculating complex problems in our heads). Model drawing is an approach to working out word problems where we identify key information in the problem, draw a basic model that incorporates something called a unit bar, and label the model with information as we calculate the solution to the problem.

Thirdly Singapore Math teaches pupils understanding of subject matter in stages – beginning with the concrete (using manipulatives such as counters, number disks, place value charts, etc). then moving to the pictorial (solving problems where pictures represent numbers), and finally working in the abstract (where numbers symbolize value): Along the way, pupils learn various ways to work with numbers to help build conceptual understanding, and eventually they master the traditional methods and algorithms.
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