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Growth & Development

August 2018

Re: Development projects across the Peterhouse Group

It would appear that all is quiet on the development front across the three schools; this is far from the case – indeed a number of projects have either been completed this year, are underway or are about to commence.

Recently completed:

Malvern was completed at Peterhouse Boys ready for occupation at the start of the Trinity term.

Currently underway:

Curriculum Support to strengthen the ALPHA programme:
i. Springvale House – the new building has been completed with the balance of the furniture and IT due to arrive during the holidays for occupation at the start of next term.
ii. Peterhouse Girls – the construction of a new building is currently underway to house the Curriculum Support Department. It is expected that the building will only be completed, and the furniture installed and IT in place, later next term with occupation in January 2019. 
iii. Peterhouse Boys – this is a reorganisation of a current work space so it is expected that all including the furniture and IT will be available ready for occupation at the start of next term.

Springvale House Library:
i. This involves a complete refurbishment of the existing space; and 
ii. The addition of a mezzanine floor for a comfortable reading space.

Project to be completed this holiday:
i. Renovation of five classrooms at Peterhouse Boys (Geography block) to the same standard as the Maths block.

Projects to start this holiday:

Peterhouse Boys gymnasium:
i. The old library is undergoing a complete refurbishment to house the new gym. The work includes:
a. installing aluminium framed glass windows across the face of the building facing the old gym;
b. replacing the ceilings;
c. replacing the old asbestos roof with chromadeck;
d. installing a rubberised floor;
e. improving the lighting and painting the facility; and
f. it is hoped that additional donations will add to the equipment already in place.

iii. Erg Room at Peterhouse Boys:
a. this is to be renovated and renamed the Michael Johnson Erg Room from funds previously raised;
b. aluminium glass windows will replace the exterior stonework; and
c. a rubberised floor will be installed, the lighting will be improved and the facility painted.

All of these projects with the exception of Malvern and Curriculum Support have been made possible by donations. Our thanks go to all concerned who have made these projects possible.

With the end of the PTA loan in sight (last instalment is in January 2020) Top Management together with BESTCO, FINCO and EXCO are considering various plans for the further development of the Peterhouse Group. These plans should be finalised towards the end of the Michaelmas term at which time they will be made public to parents, Petreans and other stakeholders. 

My thanks go to the Rector, Heads, Management and staff within the school, and many others, for the amount of effort put in to make all this happen.

Graeme Webb
BESTCO Chairman
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